About us

With the Cultural Evolution Seminar, we aim to find a place to discuss and learn about the introduction into the humanities the natural scientific methods, particularly – the models of cultural evolution. We hope that these gatherings could help mobilize the community with similar ideas, shape the informed opinions on the subject, and perhaps initiate small collaborative projects. So far, the three of us below have been the main organizers of the seminars.

Artjom Shelya is a PhD student in Russian literature, University of Tartu. He studies literary songs of early 19th century and tries to look at literary forms as a population and combine evolutionary framework with quantitative methods in criticism. His interests include wide range of approaches, that can provide empirical model of the world of culture.

Oleg Sobchuk studied literature in Kyiv and semiotics in Tartu. He is currently writing his PhD thesis about the general principles of literary fiction evolution at the University of Tartu. Besides literature and evolution, he is interested in cognitive science, digital humanities, sociology of literature, world-systems analysis and, in principle, any approach to studying literature that may be characterized as nomothetic.

Peeter Tinits has a background in semiotics and language evolution, at the moment a PhD student in Linguistics in Tallinn. His interests have ranged from language complexity and historical sociolinguistics to how experiments and numbers could contribute to the humanities, and how would that work in the first place. His PhD project is on the sociocultural background of Estonian late 19th century standardization and how these times offer an interesting backdrop for language change.

You’re welcome to contact us on culturalevolutionseminar[ät]gmail.com.